for Cats

2.5 kg

Digestive System

  • Controlled fat content to reduce stimulation of pancreas and irritated bowel whilst maintaining calorie intake

  • Balanced formula with supplemented vitamins to ensure nutrient requirements are met even in times of digestive difficulties

  • We use chicken and rice to provide optimal protein and carbohydrate in an easily digestible and low residue form

  • Probiotics help to promote a healthy digestive tract in conjunction with prebiotics such as FOS included in our formula

  • Soluble and insoluble fibres help to improve fecal consistency and control bowel transit time. Yucca shidigera is added to reduce odour of faeces

  • Cranberries are included to support urinary tract health whilst tasty pumpkin provides natural fibres for digestive health

Low Fat, High Energy Formula

Nutrient Support

Easily Digestible

Probiotics and Prebiotics

Improve Fecal Quality

Natural Goodness


White rice, Chicken, Fresh chicken (15%), Maize gluten, Hydrolyzed chicken protein, Animal fat (chicken), Beet pulp, Fresh salmon oil, Vitamins and minerals, Cellulose, Dried Aspergillus meal (a natural source of MOS and FOS), Brewery yeast, Dried pumpkin, Yucca schidigera, Rosemary extracts, Dried cranberries

Recommended Feeding Chart (Daily)

Weight                         g/day

    < 3 kg                          < 45 g 
3 kg - 4 kg                  45 g - 55 g
4 kg - 5 kg                  55 g - 65 g    
5 kg - 6 kg                  65 g - 80 g
    > 6 kg                          > 80 g

Feeding rate may change depending on the activity and living conditions of the cat. Ideally spread the intake over 2 meals. Keep the food dry and ensure that fresh water is available.